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A-PRO is one of the key suppliers of rechargeable Li-ion battery manufacturing equipment to the world.
We are a provider of integrated solutions for battery applications such as electric vehicles and e-mobility based on power conversion and control technology. Furthermore, we are a solution provider of high-tech technology of power conversion, user-friendly design, production know-how, and post-production. We are the world's leading company that manages all of the development to production as an integrated management system.
We look forward to being an eco-friendly energy company for our customers based on cutting-edge power conversion and control measurement technology.

Core Competencies

Advanced Technology

“Applied Electronics, Electric and Mechatronics”

Power Conversion : High-Efficiency Conversion by User Definition
Software : MES, CIM, and Collected Data Analysis
Control and Measurement: High-Precision I-V-L Measurement, High-Speed Control, Hardware and Firmware Development
Mechanical design Mechanism: Expandability Design, Convenient Maintenance Design, User-Friendly Design

Customized Production

“Diversification & Customization”

Customized Production based on specification

Integrated Design

“Our founding philosophy has always been focused on optimization”

A-PRO’s founding philosophy prioritizes quality and safety and focuses on designs optimization of all devices.
A-PRO develops devices and provides better quality based on the optimized integrated solutions for customers by considering elements such as product performance, material, cycle duration, simulation, verification, supply network, and cost.

Automated Process

“Advanced flexibility and a high level of specialization”

A-PRO's smart manufacturing system provides our customers with an intelligent tracking system so customer monitors every step of their production.
Customer-specific manufacturing processes and smart manufacturing systems are A-PRO's specialized services that can immediately accommodate customer requirements while maintaining superior quality control.

Our Value

  • Efficiency


    Customer-Oriented Development Strategy

  • Innovation


    New Idea and Approach

  • Integrity



  • Adaptability


    Flexibility to respond to changing markets.

Our Story

A-PRO has been doing business with renowned companies or over 20 years, A-PRO prides on being a leader in power electronics total solution providers for global customers.

Today, many companies are reorganizing the company's assets in order to achieve the goals for the rapidly changing industry trends. Since its inception, the achievement of the highest level of power conversion technology becomes the foundation for A-PRO's growth one step further since A-PRO has expanded its business to LCD / LED test equipment. All employees of A-PRO are striving to become a company that can lead the future energy industry based on the know-how accumulated over the past decades.

In the changing global energy industry environment, A-PRO strategically positioned high-efficiency lithium-ion solution manufacturing equipment as a business priority, considering the social, economic, and environmental aspects, and addressed the needs of the diversified energy industry. To achieve our goal, we partnered with the world's leading lithium-ion manufacturers to provide our equipment solutions.

The technology provided by A-PRO is currently being used in the manufacturing process of lithium-ion batteries, which we have partnered with. We will continue to pursue to achieve the core values of the future energy industry.

  • Component BU

    Power Conversion Circuit

    • SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply)
    • Grid Connected Inverter
      : Bi-directional Control
    • Fast(High C rate) Battery Charger
    • High Efficiency DC/DC Converter
    • Surge Protector
  • Test

    Control instrumentation and
    signal processing technology

    • Reliability Inspection System
    • Thermal / Humidity Tester
    • Environment Tester
    • Function Inspection System
    • Aging Inspection System
  • Rechargeable

    Rechargeable Li-ion
    Battery Technology

    • Energy Recovery Formation / Cycler
    • High Temperature / Pressurized Formation
    • IR-OCV Tester
    • Selector, Grader
    • Pack Function Tester

    * Hybrid (PV+ESS) System

  • Green
    Energy BU

    Green energy technology

    • Global milestones for major partnership initiatives
      [China, Poland, US]
    • Commercialization of DC power distribution
    • Provide of Battery lifespan tester [Cycler]
    • The next generation gallium nitride (GaN)-based power semiconductor
    • Battery Recycle
    • IPO on KOSDAQ
      (July 16th, 2020)

Global network

A-PRO's headquarters and R & D center are located in Gyeonggi Province in Korea, developing a diverse product portfolio.
Our highly qualified engineer teams are constantly working on new and innovative technologies. Products are produced locally in a few key countries,
and our products and services are sold through our global sales network.

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Contact Us

60, LS-ro 115beon-gil, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do,
Republic of Korea
A-PRO Technopia Building
TEL: +82-31-360-4001
R&D Center : 2825-5, Jeongwang-dong,
Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea