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Rechargeable Li-ion Battery for EV

A-PRO is recognized worldwide in the field of battery charging and discharging solution based on 25 years of know-how and technology.
A-PRO provides IGH Temperature & Pressure Formation, an efficient process for managing battery charge and discharge at high temperatures and pressures,
as well as General Formation for Battery Cells.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacture equipment for all areas of rechargeable Li-ion battery post-process (vitalize process)

  • Formation

    Pre-Formation / Aging Formation

  • Cycler Tester

    Aging / Pulse Cycler

  • IR-OCV

    Internal Resistance
    Open Circuit Voltage

  • Grader

    Battery Grader

Power Conversion

High-efficiency converter technology that converts voltage such as AC-DC or DC-DC is used in various fields whatever power source such as renewable energy, and battery. A-PRO’s high-efficiency converter business has the technology to achieve one of the world's highest average conversion efficiency levels.

  • Power Conversion

  • LDC Power &
    DC/DC Converter

  • OBC Power & Charger

  • DC/AC Inverter

High-Efficiency Converter

Fast Charge for EV

The multi-charging system provides fast and slows charging according to the user's environment.
Also charge multiple devices at the same time, increasing user convenience.
Also, the preemptive response to country standardization of charging can be a spotlighting point in the global market.

Fast Charge

Advantages of fast charging and system configuration

Renewable Energy

Energy Storage System

ESS (Energy Storage System) means energy storage device A device that stores energy in advance and can be taken out and used when needed.
ESS is a component of the power infrastructure, It is one of the key elements for implementing next generation power grids such as smart grids.
Recently, convergence-type energy storage facilities that combine ESS with renewable energy have come into the spotlight.
The overall software/hardware configuration is designed to fit the service area.

ESS Solution

  • BMS

    Battery Management System

  • PCS

    Power Control System

  • PMS

    Power Management System

  • EMS

    Energy Management System

  • Leading Technology

  • Safety

  • Various Solutions

  • Global Energy Service

Solar Power

Based on the 2015 Paris Agreement, the world has been transformed into the-fossils based on a global basis,
and solar power has been spotlighted as the most likely alternative future energy.

A Handful of Business experience
in many different countries

We operate an expert task force team specializing in overseas markets to developing Greenfield Development Projects and known as a total solution provider in the solar farm industry.

  • Business
    Central America
    South America
  • System Design and
    System Design based on
    Local Condition
  • Operation &
    Optimized Operation
    and Education
  • Financial Support PF Consulting and
    Project Management

Hydrogen Generation

The hydrogen fuel cell is spotlighted as the future energy and it holds strengths such as high energy efficiency than other renewable energy resources.
It also has major advantages as eco-friendly energy-generating less greenhouse gas. A-PRO develops technology for leading the future hydrogen energy industry.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generation

A hydrogen fuel cell is a device that produces electric energy by using hydrogen as fuel.
In general, when water is electrolyzed, hydrogen and oxygen are generated. This technology is used to reverse the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen in the air to obtain water and electrical energy.